ACTVET Customer Service

Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training considers customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities.

We have created ‘CARE’ to meet your needs and to reach our goals in customer service.

CARE is our new dedicated service to answer all enquiries from our customers and ensure effective communication with our publics.
Please address your suggestions, complaints, feedback and all your requests of information to: 


Licensing and Registration of TVET privately funded training providers
  • General enquiries concerning the licensing and registration process
  • Procedure to become a Registered Training Provider (RTP)
  • Procedure to become a Licensed Training Provider
  • Prescribed requirements to obtain a license 
  • Follow up on the status of an application for license and registration
  • License renewal process
  • Payment of License Fees 
  • Change of information in Training License 
  • Approval for Training in Hotel
  • Cancelation of license
  • Request for advertisement 
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received 
  • Be contacted by the Licensing and Registration customer service team
Qualifications Development and Certification
  • General enquiries concerning Qualifications Development and Certification
  • Prescribed criteria and standards for qualifications
  • Procedure to obtain the certification of a qualification
  • Follow up on the status of a certification
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received
  • Be contacted by the Qualifications Development and Certification customer service team
ACTVET Education System
  • General enquiries concerning TVET career paths
  • General enquiries concerning TVET Education System
  • Offer of Technical & Vocational high school programs in UAE
  • Offer of Technical & Vocational post-secondary programs in UAE
ACTVET Education Providers: IAT and ADVETI
  • Provide your feedback on services provided by IAT and ADVETI
  • Enroll in a school/institute in IAT and ADVETI
  • Enquiry concerning specific matter related to an enrolled student
  • Be contacted by a specific school/ institute of IAT and ADVETI
  • General enquiries concerning IAT and ADVETI
ACTVET Initiatives and Events
  • General enquiries concerning upcoming and past initiatives and events
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received
  • Register in initiatives and events
  • Enquiry concerning opportunities to sponsor ACTVET events and initiatives
  • Be contacted by the events team
ACTVET Communication and Marketing
  • Request of multimedia coverage material
  • Request of logo and brand identity guidelines
  • General enquiries concerning marketing and communication activities
  • Be contacted by the marketing and communication team
Fazaa Volunteering Program
  • General enquiries concerning upcoming Fazaa Volunteering opportunities
  • Procedure to register as a volunteer
  • Follow up about your application
  • Be contacted by Fazaa Coordinator
Human Resources
  • General enquiries concerning current job opportunities at ACTVET
  • Follow up on the status of your application to a vacancy
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received
  • General enquiries concerning ACTVET procurement process
  • Procedure to become a registered supplier
  • Change of information of your registration as a supplier
  • General enquiries concerning the bidding and awarding process
  • Follow up on a submitted quotation
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received
  • Suppliers follow up on a payment status
  • General enquiries concerning the payment of License Fees
  • General enquiries concerning collection of payment and prizes of initiatives and competition
  • Provide your feedback on the service and assistance received