Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in TVET consists of the totality of principles, methodologies, actions, measures and instruments through which quality is assured, at system and provider level. This implies that quality will ensure that learners achieve their goals and satisfy the needs of the society and help in national development. Quality assurance is the responsibility of everyone though the top management sets the policies and priorities and monitors performance. 

Given the diversity and complexity of TVET systems and the different quality approaches used by TVET providers, a common quality framework is needed to ensure transparency, consistency and portability among all TVET providers in the Emirate. 

Therefore, a reference quality assurance framework with core indicators is needed to help TVET providers and stakeholders to document, develop, monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their TVET deliverables as per the institutional effectiveness model described below.

UAE School Inspection Framework 2015-16

The Ministry of Education , and the Abu Dhabi Education Council , and the body of knowledge in Dubai , the center of Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational  Education and Training , limited professional supervision and school evaluation criteria , was issued a corporate directory , select the framework of control standards and school evaluation in the state for the academic year of this , where it was agreed on the organization of school oversight structure within six main criteria for performance , based on the 17 indicator of rating schools,
And adopted a guide in organizing inspection on six main criteria for the performance of the structure , building them is to draw the final evaluation of the quality of the overall performance of the school , so that included six criteria quality of Student Achievement , and the quality of personal and social development , skills and innovation , and the quality of teaching and evaluation processes , and the quality of the curriculum , the quality of the protection and welfare of students and provide guidance and support to them , and the quality of school leadership and management,
Guide and noted that it has been selected performance criteria for this, which is based on 17 performance indicator based on research and studies on the effectiveness of the school's performance , pointing out that studies have shown the presence of a near-universal consensus that studying together outstanding is seeking to secure the best outcomes possible on academic and cognitive levels, and ensure enable students to achieve personal and physical , social and psychological development ,
The academic progress and personal development for graduate students most prominent among these outputs , and these standards are considered a barometer of the effectiveness of school performance , and form the basis of the first and second of the performance criteria for the two groups , while the rest of the standards focus on what benefit do research on the most prominent factors that determine the effectiveness of the school , and included the quality of teaching , and the curriculum , and care for students and school leadership.
Guide and pointed out that under the control standards and school evaluation in the state requires the issuance of a final assessment of the quality of the overall performance of a school based on the matrix inspection standards , review the schools and teams control the results of evaluations that have been made of the performance of 17, an indication of the number indicators , and taking into account these results while you select the closest Rating The most closely with a brief description of one of the six specific quality of the quality of the overall performance levels in order to determine the overall performance of school quality level.

The UAE School Inspection Framework is based on comprehensive performance standards that define the essential aspects of a quality education. Each standard is broken down into specific indicators and elements, and detailed descriptors and illustrations guide inspection judgements and school improvement.

This framework is the result of extensive collaboration across the Emirates, and represents the synthesis of previous inspection and school improvement models. The framework will be used to inspect all schools throughout the Emirates from September 2015.