TVET Innovation Week Framework


United in Knowledge: A Competitive Economy Driven by Knowledgeable and Innovative Emiratis

A diversified and flexible knowledge-based economy will be powered by skilled Emiratis and strengthened by world-class talent to ensure long-term prosperity for the UAE.

Harness Full Potential of National Human Capital
“We want all Emiratis to make a valuable contribution to their nation’s growth by building their knowledge and applying their talent with innovation and drive. More Emiratis will enter higher education, where they will enrich their minds with the skills that their nation needs to fuel its knowledge economy.”

Sustainable and Diversified Economy
“We want the UAE to sustain its drive toward economic diversification, as this is the nation’s surest path to sustainable development in a future that is less reliant on oil. This means expanding new strategic sectors to channel our energies into industries and services where we can build a long-term competitive advantage. (…) We will position our economy to capture developing trends and adapt to changing global realities”

Knowledge-Based and Highly Productive Economy
"We want the UAE to transform its economy into a model where growth is driven by knowledge and innovation. Productivity and competitiveness will come to rival the best in the world, as a result of investment in science, technology, research and development throughout the fabric of the UAE economy. (…) This shift to a knowledge economy can only be accomplished within an entrepreneurial environment that harnesses the talent and creativity of Emiratis. A new class of entrepreneurs will be nurtured and supported with the help of practical Programs such as start-up incubators. In a national effort, the UAE will cultivate a healthy risk-taking culture where hard work, boldness and innovation are rightfully rewarded. (…)”

“By 2030 Abu Dhabi intends to build a sustainable and diversified, high value-added economy that is well integrated into the global economy and that provides more accessible and higher-value opportunities for all its citizens and residents.”

A Sustainable and Diversified Economy
The Emirate’s drive for a more sustainable and diversified economy is intended to reduce the relatively high dependence on oil and the cyclical swings which accompany it. Moreover, the young National population presents the opportunity, as well as the challenge, to create attractive, high value-added employment opportunities for the emerging generation. The drive for diversification as well as the challenge of a burgeoning population delivers a greater need for Abu Dhabi to upgrade the quality of its education system and to increase the educational attainment rates of Nationals and the overall workforce to move the economy up the value chain. Moreover, a better educated workforce will be a key enabler to address the relatively low productivity rates found in much of the Emirate’s enterprise base.

Enhanced Workforce Productivity
One of the most important resources in any economy is the people that drive it. Through education, training and skills development, Abu Dhabi will develop and continue to attract a highly skilled and productive workforce to increase its economic might. (…) Vocational training in particular will play an important role in the short and medium term as an effective instrument to upgrade the skills of the workforce and enhance productivity.

Increased National Workforce Participation and Employability
The aim of the education sector reform is to ensure that graduates have the skills and qualifications to drive economic growth. To this end, specialized education will be guided to meet the forecast demand of the future growth sectors.

Equip the Emirate’s youth to enter the workforce
The Emirate’s young must be equipped to enter the workforce. This can be achieved through the revision of curricula, increasing participation and completion rates at all levels of education (particularly tertiary education), the encouragement of part-time and summer jobs for youth in the education system to introduce them to the working world, and through the enhancement of vocational education.