Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department is headed by a director and has four operating teams – Strategic Planning, Curriculum Standards, Special Projects and Innovation & Academic Technology. Collectively the department is responsible for developing a cohesive and integrated strategy for the government funded technical and vocational education and training sector in Abu Dhabi.

The department works closely with the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) and Abu Dhabi Vocational Educational Institute (ADVETI) to develop targets and initiatives that are aligned with ACTVET’s vision and mission, by monitoring achievements and implementation plans. Market research and analysis on the human resource needs of the industry in the emirate is expected to lead to the development both of new specialist institutions and new methodologies and technologies in the delivery of programs.

In addition, the department seeks to engage with industry leaders and foster strategic partnerships with both UAE and international organizations to advance the status of technical and vocational education and training in Abu Dhabi, and to create opportunities for Emiratis to take the lead in delivering Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Vision.